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Shanes Forever Files is family-owned and operated in Lebanon, PA. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best and come with a personal touch!  
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Cleaning "WHAT"
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What should we clean or disinfect? everything!
This virus and many others can kill you! 

It can live on hard and soft surfaces, up to 48 hours or much longer.
--- On what can my disinfectants & cleaners be used? 
Almost everything. Door knobs, refrigerators, stoves, any handles, counters, tables, light switches, pet areas, pet smells, floors, walls, toilets, ect..


​   Clean these things all day, every day: Every time you get back into the car, you're at risk, from stuff you touched going to the store, friend's house, out to eat, and at work.
  ************* SHOPPING CART HANDLES ARE THE WORST *************
----- Everyday stuff: coffee or drink cups, cell phones/tablets, cords, keys, paper, and coin money, wallets/purse, credit cards, the wipes or sanitizer bottle, your eyewear, dog leash, poop bags, wheelchairs, store receipts, packages, take out orders, store shopping bags and all your purchases (except for unwrapped food like fruits and vegetables)  

Weekly Growth
Don't Forget about that nasty Mold, & Mildew
mold needed to be controlled in damp areas, growth needs to be sprayed every 7 days 

Deodorizers spray around all cabinets, furniture, musty basements 

    In the car: cell phone wires, door handles, radio buttons, gear shift, steering wheel, seat belts, air system vents, console handle, 

    In the kitchen: fault handles, fault sprayer, behind all handles and knobs, inside refrigerator drawer handles, buttons on all appliances & plugs, oh yes even the coffee pot, daily use items, salt, and pepper shakers, condiments, soap dispenser. 
    In the dining room: under the lips of the chairs, under the edge of the table. 
    In the living room: remotes, tv buttons, gaming systems & remotes, lamp knobs. 
    In the closet: shoes & laces, jackets including buttons and or zippers, hangers.
    In the bedroom: Your spouse (just kidding) bed edge if wood, side tables, remotes, drawer handles.
    In the bathroom: all knobs and handles, shower product bottles, shower, tub knobs or sprayer, both sides of the toilet seat, toilet handle, toilet paper holder, hairbrush, soap dispenser, any other items you touch every day.
In the office: your chair, under the edge of the desk, all file cabinet handles, pens, pencils, the computer including mouse, camera, cords, and keyboard. 
 Even after this virus is dead, there will always be another, including the common flu, which kills about 5,000 people each year. 
Why? Because as people, we touch everything when we are out and about and as we have learned some people don't wash their hands.
--- How to make wipes into "Phase 1" wipes, it's easy! 
  Step 1: empty any liquid from the container.  
  Step 2: let the container sit open for 24 hours.
  Step 3: add 5oz of diluted "Phase 1" to every 35 wipes.
  Step 4: Close container, let sit for 24 hours.
  Step 5: Ready for use.
How to make your own wipes, INSTRUCTIONS BELOW