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Spa Bars
​All of these colors are available for purchase directly from our store!

Aqua spa bar
Pink spa bar
Purple spa bar
Green spa bar
All of our spa bars come with a free color travel file, as your gift for purchasing one of these great files.
Spa bars: 
1/4" thick
1 1/2" wide
6 1/2" long
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Many Uses & Care Instructions
Dry Skin
Finger Nails
Toe Nails
Pet's Nails
Hair Removal
And many other uses!!!!
Before using our spa bar to remove hair please read the following:
You can use the spa bar wet or dry for everything, except hair removal. 
For hair removal, Always use it wet. The water acts as a lubricant on your skin.
 When first using your spa bar for hair removal, use the smoother side with a circular buffing motion. Always use a light touch to begin until you know how your skin tolerates the file. As everyones skin is different. As you buff your skin, not only will it remove hair, the dead, dry skin will come off as well leaving your skin beautifully exfoliated. Be careful not too remove to much skin. If you do it will give you a sun burn effect, because more skin was removed than needed. Once you use the spa bar for a few months your skin will get used to it, and then you can switch to the course side if you would like, when you get used to using it, it will be just about as fast as shaving.
When your in the shower or tub, don't forget its great on calluses and toe nails.
After leaving the shower/bath, follow up with a moisturizing lotion or body butter to lock in the moisture. Use it in the shower, tub, ocean, pool, or even sitting on a chair. 
Easy to maintain Simply run the file under the faucet. If it needs a deep cleaning, wash it with soap & water and/or soak the filing surface in bleach, then scrub it with a toothbrush. Never soak any painted area. Dry with a towel, then let air dry & return to its case. 
Your body will thank you for using your new spa bar!!

$25.00 each w/ free small matching color file. 

Black spa bar