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Cutting Boards
All cutting boards are made in my wood shop.

​These are our normal cutting board sizes.  All designs are able to be purchased directly from our store.*  *Custom sizes by request.
Wood Conditioning Lotion 
(liquid, paste)
Bread board
5/8" thick 
6" * 18"
cherry, walnut, ash
sizes may not be exact 
half board
5/8" thick 
9" * 14"
cherry, walnut, ash
round board
1" thick 
14" round
cherry, walnut, ash
regular board w/groove 1 side
1" thick 
14" * 18"
cherry, walnut, ash
walnut and blood shaker board
5/8" thick 
14" * 16"
walnut, blood wood
blood end shaker board
5/8" thick 
14" * 18"
cherry, walnut, ash, blood wood
juice well board
1 1/2" thick 
14" * 18"
cherry, walnut, ash
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Cutting Board Care

-Use only mineral oil, available at your local pharmacy

-Apply mineral oil before using/then once a month

-Pour oil on the board and rub in with hands

-More oil is always better

-Coat both sides along with the ends of board

-After coating with oil, stand the board on it's side to dry

-Use both sides of the board regularly

-To clean - Scrub board with warm soapy water/ dry with a towel

-To disinfect - Mix one tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water, then wipe board

-Store board vertically including when drying, this will help prevent warping

**Never Put In Dishwasher**
2 in 1 grill scraper
3/4" thick
4 3/4" * 19" long
cherry, oak
w/ leather string for handing
Cheese board
5/8" thick 
6" * 9"
cherry, walnut, ash